About DRW

Diagnostics for the Real World (DRW), established in 2003 as a spin-out from the Diagnostics Development Unit (DDU) at the University of Cambridge, was founded to bridge the gap between the cutting-edge research conducted by the DDU and the patients who could really benefit from it. Our mission is to serve the large, unmet need in resource-limited settings and provide innovative, high performance, easy to use diagnostics under “real world” conditions to support clinical services for people in real need. DRW technology also meets the rapidly growing needs in the developed world where the advantages of point of care testing are spurring its popularity.

Our focus is on the accurate and rapid testing of patient samples at, or near, the point of care, thus avoiding both the unreliability of previous simple point-of-care technologies, and the prohibitive costs and logistical difficulties associated with central laboratory testing. Our high-performance SAMBA platforms provide a fast, accurate and cost-effective method for testing and diagnosis when and where it is most needed.  

Helen Lee, Chairman & CEO, DRW