SAMBA HIV-1 Semi-Q Plasma Test

For those on anti-retroviral therapy (ART), WHO recommends viral load testing at 6 to 12 months following initiation of treatment, and annually thereafter. These recommendations are rarely met for those in rural, resource-limited settings, where even if tested, patients can wait months to receive their results. This is why we developed the SAMBA II HIV-1 Semi-Q test, to bring HIV-1 viral load monitoring to the point of care (POC).

The SAMBA HIV-1 Semi-Q test uses plasma samples, ensuring white blood cells are removed, the presence of which can bias assays with integrated pro-viral DNA. Our technology uses a small volume of plasma, which can be aliquoted from a larger sample used for other tests, to accurately determine if the patient has a viral load of greater than 1000 copies/mL.

Each test kit contains all reagents and consumables and everything you need, including the sample tube and sample tracking card for SAMBA II – with no hidden costs.

Why SAMBA HIV-1 Semi-Q Test?
  • Small sample volume – can be aliquoted from a larger sample used for other tests.
  • Storage and operating conditions built for the real world
  • Binary output simplifies clinical decision making
Technical Information
Overall Concordance 97.8% for SAMBA I and 98.1% for SAMBA II with gold standard tests
Specificity 100% specificity and no cross reactivity with other common viruses
Storage conditions 2-37°C for real-time storage and 55°C for transport stability
Sample type Citrate or EDTA plasma

Goel N, Ritchie AV, Mtapuri-Zinyowera S, Zeh C, Stepchenkova T, Lehga J, De Ruiter A, Farleigh LE, Edemaga D, So R, Sembongi H, Wisniewski C, Nadala L, Schito M, Lee H, 2017. Performance of the SAMBA I and II HIV-1 Semi-Q Tests for viral load monitoring at the point-of-care. J Virol Methods, 244, pp39-45


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